For the past 3 years, D+R has partnered with Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) to provide analysis of HVAC product sales and market trends in the HVAC industry. Our reporting, which uses a market model built on transactional data from more than 3,800 HVAC distributor branches across the United States, has enabled key players in the HVAC industry to learn the following:

  • How the industry has grown and the product mix has changed on a year-to-year basis
  • When the first SEER 14 products appeared on the market and how the federal standard has changed the mix of products being sold
  • How quickly the ASHP market has grown and changed

Increasingly, HVAC manufacturers are also using this data to better understand broad market trends and identify market opportunities that their sales data don’t reveal.

This data is being used by efficiency programs across the country – including Arizona, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Florida, and Connecticut – to gain the most complete understanding of the HVAC market to aid in designing and evaluating HVAC efficiency programs.  

Using this data, D+R can provide efficiency programs and energy service providers information on the HVAC market at the following levels:

  • National and regional 
  • State level for the vast majority of states
  • Service territory level in many states

This analysis can be customized to provide market insights into the following:

  • Product category and sub-category (e.g., ducted v. ductless heat pumps)
  • Nominal efficiency levels (SEER, AFUE, HSPF)
  • Nominal capacity
  • Midstream price
  • Fuel type
  • Refrigerant type

With the change to the federal standard for HVAC equipment that went into effect in July 2016 and upcoming changes around refrigerants, this market has never been more in flux. To ensure you and your programs have access to the same data as HVAC professionals, contact

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